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What's on in the city

Sunday 28 August 2016

Events Venice

Historical Regatta -  Events Venice

Historical Regatta

On 04/09/2016

Historical Boat Parade. Held every year on the first Sunday in September, this is the regatta of excellence, enthralling the Venetians and attracting a crowd of enthusiastic tourists.

Where: Canal Grande

Venice Film Festival -  Events Venice

Venice Film Festival

From 31/08/2016 to 10/09/2016

Runway of international actors and movie directors, the festival presents all the various aspects of international cinema as art. 60 films will be showed.

Where: Palazzo del Cinema - Venice Lido

Events Milan

Escher -  Events Milan


From 29/07/2016 to 22/01/2017

From 29 July 2016 to 22 January 2017 Palazzo Reale hosts an exhibition dedicated to the artist, engraver and graphic designer Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972). On display over 200 works.

Where: Palazzo Reale

Joan Miro'. La forza della materia -  Events Milan

Joan Miro'. La forza della materia

From 25/03/2016 to 11/09/2016

MUDEC presents over 100 works produced by Joan Mirò between 1931 and 1981. Curated by Teresa Montaner.

Where: MUDEC - Museum of Cultures of Milan

Events Rome

Alphonse Mucha -  Events Rome

Alphonse Mucha

From 15/04/2016 to 11/09/2016

Complesso del Vittoriano presents a major retrospective of Alphonse Mucha. On display over 250 works: posters, drawings, paintings, decorative works, books and photographs.

Where: Complesso del Vittoriano

The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed -  Events Rome

The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed

From 16/03/2016 to 04/09/2016

From 16 March to 4 September the Chiostro di Bramante presents important paintings by the Macchiaioli belonged to great collections of the past. On display over 110 works.

Where: Chiostro del Bramante

Events Florence

Jan Fabre. Spiritual Guards -  Events Florence

Jan Fabre. Spiritual Guards

From 15/04/2016 to 02/10/2016

The exhibition features about 100 works produced by Jan Fabre from 1978 to 2016 in three important locations of Florence: Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio and (from 14 May) Forte Belvedere.

Where: Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio and Forte Belvedere

Events Palermo

Antonio Ligabue. Torments and enchantments -  Events Palermo

Antonio Ligabue. Torments and enchantments

From 19/03/2016 to 31/08/2016

From 19 March to 31 August Palazzo Reale in Palermo hosts a monographic exhibition dedicated to Antonio Ligabue (1899-1965). On display over 80 works.

Where: Palazzo Reale

Bertozzi & Casoni -  Events Palermo

Bertozzi & Casoni

From 10/06/2016 to 04/09/2016

From 10 June to 4 September the Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo presents 12 sculptures produced by Bertozzi & Casoni.

Where: Galelry of Modern Art


Events Salento

Andy Warhol. Ladies and gentlemen and picture by Maria Mulas

From 25/06/2016 to 20/11/2016

From 25 June to 20 November Castello Carlo V features 72 works by Andy Warhol and 12 pictures by Maria Mulas tracing the most important stages of the career and life of the father of Pop Art.

Where: Lecce - Castello Carlo V

Steve McCurry. Icons

From 19/06/2016 to 02/10/2016

From 19 June to 2 October the Otranto Castle hosts an exhibition dedicated to one of the most important photographers, Steve McCurry. On display over 100 pictures.

Where: Otranto Castle

Events Versilia

Lucca comics & games

From 15/10/2016 to 01/11/2016

Lucca comics & games is an international festival of comics, animation, illustration and games. It includes contests, events, shows and exhibitions. Festival: from 28 october to 1 november; Shows: from 15 october to 1 november.

Where: Lucca

Lucca marathon

From 23/10/2016 to 23/10/2016

Athletes will compete in the marathon and the half-marathon taking place throughout the city streets. The Lucchesina is held on the same day.

Where: Lucca

Events Elba island


From 25/09/2016 to 25/09/2016

A super Triathlon competition featuring 3.8km of swimming in the sea, 180km cycling and 42.2km of running.

Where: Campo nell'Elba - Marina di Campo

The legend of Innamorata

From 14/07/2017 to 14/07/2017

A procession of over 100 figures with torchlight procession on land and at sea recalling the ancient legend handed down by fishermen and dating from the second half of the seventeenth century when a fallen Spanish nobleman settled on Innamorata. Starts at 9.30pm.

Where: Capoliveri and Beach

Events Riviera dei Fiori

Bordighera summer

From 11/06/2016 to 24/09/2016

Sport, music, market, art, cinema, shopping, dance, guided tours and entertainment for children: many events are scheduled during the summer. Check the official programme on the website.

Where: Bordighera - Various locations

Vele d'epoca

From 07/09/2016 to 11/09/2016

Panerai Classic yachts challange. The big festival for sailboats lovers.

Where: Imperia

District Riviera dei Fiori
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